Still Life and Architectural
I painted this picture a few years ago and it’s recently been re-phot
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This is the same as my other version except that I’ve painted a pigeo
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In the distance we see Rathbone Point on the Nightingale Estate seen from m
This is one of a series of pictures I’m working on of local views in
This picture was mainly painted on location in Maldon. To find out more ab
Trets – Oil on Canvas – 34″ x 26″ – 2011. The
Still Life with a Pint of Guinness – 29” x 21” Oil on Panel 2001. Thi
Candles and Fruit – 18” x 27” Oil on Panel 1994. I like the unusual c
Lilies – 10” x 16” Oil on Panel 1988. Lilies are my favourite flowers
Butsudan – 24” x 34” Oil on Panel 1995. A butsudan is an alter used i
Butsudan Still Life – 12” x 17” Oil on Panel 1996. In Nichiren Buddhi
The Three Crowns – 30” x 40” Oil on Panel 1982. This pub was my local
Tradex, Isle of dogs – 34” x 36” Oil on Canvas 2004. I painted the He
Tradex, City of London – 28” x 40” Oil on Canvas 2004. I have always