Still Life and Architectural
I painted this picture a few years ago and it’s recently been re-phot
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This is the same as my other version except that I’ve painted a pigeo
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In the distance we see Rathbone Point on the Nightingale Estate seen from m
This is my latest painting. It is one of a series of pictures I’m wor
This painting was begun on location in Maldon and finished in the studio in
This picture was mainly painted on location in Maldon. To find out more ab
Trets – Oil on Canvas – 34″ x 26″ – 2011. The
Still Life with a Pint of Guinness – 29” x 21” Oil on Panel 2001. Thi
Candles and Fruit – 18” x 27” Oil on Panel 1994. I like the unusual c
Lilies – 10” x 16” Oil on Panel 1988. Lilies are my favourite flowers
Butsudan – 24” x 34” Oil on Panel 1995. A butsudan is an alter used i
Butsudan Still Life – 12” x 17” Oil on Panel 1996. In Nichiren Buddhi
The Three Crowns – 30” x 40” Oil on Panel 1982. This pub was my local
Tradex, Isle of dogs – 34” x 36” Oil on Canvas 2004. I painted the He
Tradex, City of London – 28” x 40” Oil on Canvas 2004. I have always