This portrait and its companion piece ‘Self Portrait on a Warm Ground
This portrait and its companion piece ‘Self Portrait on a Blue Ground
  I’ve recently had this painting re-photographed. It was large
This painting was commissioned by Miss Cookie Jane a noted hostess who liv
This portrait was painted from like in five sittings. It has an ambiguous q
  I’ve worked on this picture off and on over a period of years.
This painting  commissioned by a grieving daughter. She lost her mother an
Pam Schneider is the well known proprietor of the First Edition restaurant
Helen Crabtree – Oil on Canvas – 15″ x 19″ –
Jo and Sam – Oil on Canvas – 23″ x 31″ – 2011
A Family Group Portrait – 30″ x  40″ Oil on Canvas 2011.
Portrait of David Wood – 20” x 24” Oil on Panel 1990. David posed for
Portrait of Sam – 22” x 24” Oil on Canvas 2009. A recent commission.
Unfinished Self Portrait – 20” x 20” Oil on Panel 2004. This portrait
‘It’s your shout.’ A Portrait of Roger Butt – 24” x 24” Oil on
Portrait of Jack Crompton – 13” x 16” oil on Panel 1993. Jack lived n
Peter Ker (detail) – 19” x 19” Oil on Panel 1994. The record producer
Portrait of Nicola de Conde – 23” x 30” Oil on Panel 1999. The gifted
Portrait of Henry Wood – 23” x 18” Oil on Panel 1993. The journalist
Portrait of Ben Mossop – 30” x 60” Oil on Panel 2001. Ben was in his
Portrait drawing of Ben Mossop – Coloured pencils on tinted paper.
Portrait of Martha – 16” x 20” Oil on Panel 1992. This portrait was p
Portrait of Lucy Cameron – 24” x 30” Oil on Canvas 1986. Lucy is seen
Portrait of Antonella – 18” x 20” Oil on Panel 1984. Painted from lif