This T shirt was recently commissioned to celebrate Valentino’s first
This man was a talented musician and composer of mixed race background. He
The noted Buddhist leader, scholar, writer and humanist with Mount Fuji in
This portrait of the Jazz musician was made to be used for the cover of De
Another portrait of the iconic Reggae artist who sadly died in 1981 at the
Hand painted T shirt of the late great I Roy, a DJ from the golden age of r
Another hand painted T shirt featuring Jimi Hendrix.
From left to right Tsunesaburo Makiguchi 1871-1944, Daisaku Ikeda born 1928
Two paintings of the same subject showing how the use of ground colours eff
  I’ve recently had this painting re-photographed. It was large
This painting was commissioned by Miss Cookie Jane a noted hostess who liv
This portrait was painted from like in five sittings. It has an ambiguous q
  I’ve worked on this picture off and on over a period of years.
This painting  commissioned by a grieving daughter. She lost her mother an
Pam Schneider is the well known proprietor of the First Edition restaurant
Helen Crabtree – Oil on Canvas – 15″ x 19″ –
Jo and Sam – Oil on Canvas – 23″ x 31″ – 2011
A Family Group Portrait – 30″ x  40″ Oil on Canvas 2011.
Portrait of David Wood – 20” x 24” Oil on Panel 1990. David posed for
Portrait of Sam – 22” x 24” Oil on Canvas 2009. A recent commission.
Unfinished Self Portrait – 20” x 20” Oil on Panel 2004. This portrait
‘It’s your shout.’ A Portrait of Roger Butt – 24” x 24” Oil on