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This is the same as my other version except that I’ve painted a pigeo
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In the distance we see Rathbone Point on the Nightingale Estate seen from m
This is a different photographic version of this painting. The other one i
  I’ve worked on this picture off and on over a period of years.
This is one of a series of pictures I’m working on of local views in
This picture is another homage. I very much like certain of the so called &
Here is another homage to the French painter Guillaume Seignac.
This painting was inspired by the 19th century French artist Guillaume Seig
This painting  commissioned by a grieving daughter. She lost her mother an
This painting was produced to illustrate the eastern philosophical concept
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This painting was begun on location in Maldon and finished in the studio in
This picture was mainly painted on location in Maldon. To find out more ab
The subject for this painting is derived from Nichiren Buddhism. The charac
This painting is inspired by Edward Lear’s well known nonsense poem.
Pam Schneider is the well known proprietor of the First Edition restaurant
This picture took almost a year to complete. To find out more about it plea
Trets – Oil on Canvas – 34″ x 26″ – 2011. The
Enigmatic Still-Life – Oil on Panel – 23″ x 14″ 
Helen Crabtree – Oil on Canvas – 15″ x 19″ –
Jo and Sam – Oil on Canvas – 23″ x 31″ – 2011