I’m still working on this picture.
Another recently completed painting inspired by a misty walk along the towp
In January I began some pictures based on some photographs I took whilst wa
This painting was begun at the same time as Rising Mist and Fantasia and re
This is a different photographic version of this painting. The other one i
Landscape near Lavacurie – 18” x 24” Oil on Panel 1992. I spent sever
Secret stairs – 38” x 40” Oil on Panel 1985. I should like to walk up
The Sacred Pool – 36” x 38” Oil on Panel 1989. This picture was begun
Abney Park Cemetery under Heavy Snowfall – 48” x 48” Oil on Panel 198
Melting Snow in Abney Park Cemetery – 23” x 30” Oil on Panel 1989. I
Alresford Abbey – 23” x 28” Oil on Panel 1995. This picture was paint
Cirrus Minor – 24” x 36” Oil on Canvas 1985. The ruined chapel in Abn
Hope – 24” x 24” Oil on Canvas” This picture began as a paintin
Ruined Abbey – 20” x 24” Oil on Canvas 1984. In the early eighties I
Friday Woods – 36” x 48’ Oil on Panel 1985. Friday woods near Fingrin
A Young Tree – 17” x 24” Oil on Panel 1995. This picture was painted
A Dead Tree – 24” x 28” Oil on Panel 1979. I used to live in a house
Elmstead Farm – 17” x 21” Oil on Panel 2005. This picture was begun o
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