This study is inspired by the French academic painter Guillaume Seignac.
Hand painted T shirt on the reverse side is an Absolem Caterpillar and a vi
This is painted onto the rear side of a T shirt and it measures approximate
A sequence of images showing the development of this painting and the ideas
This complex design will soon be the subject of a series of blogs showing t
This is the rear side of my latest green Man T shirt design.
Another version of my Green Man T shirt design.
This fantastical painting contains a lot of symbolism. It has recently been
Recently I’ve been doing some fabric painting. The technique is very
This picture is another homage. I very much like certain of the so called &
Here is another homage to the French painter Guillaume Seignac.
This painting was inspired by the 19th century French artist Guillaume Seig
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The subject for this painting is derived from Nichiren Buddhism. The charac
This painting is inspired by Edward Lear’s well known nonsense poem.
This picture took almost a year to complete. To find out more about it plea
Enigmatic Still-Life – Oil on Panel – 23″ x 14″ 
To find out more about this picture please go to the blog section of my web
Replay – 31” x 36” Oil on Canvas 1996. Many artists when painting the
Portrait of Sue – 12” x 16” Oil on Panel 2000. This portrait was begu
The Three Graces – 19” x 19” Oil on Panel 2006. This picture is deriv
Black Mermaid – 30” x 22” Oil on Canvas 2006. For some reason negro w