Based on an iconographic image of Jimi shot in 1967. It was hand painted us
Hand painted using fabric paints and pens. I used an original Egyptian desi
I painted this picture a few years ago and it’s recently been re-phot
This fantastical painting contains a lot of symbolism. It has recently been
This portrait and its companion piece ‘Self Portrait on a Warm Ground
This portrait and its companion piece ‘Self Portrait on a Blue Ground
  I’ve recently had this painting re-photographed. It was large
Another view of boats on the River Colne just after sunset. I find these pa
Another view of the River Colne seen from the towpath.
This picture and the other 2 related images are loosely painted using glaze
Recently I’ve been doing some fabric painting. The technique is very
This painting was commissioned by Miss Cookie Jane a noted hostess who liv
This portrait was painted from like in five sittings. It has an ambiguous q
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This is the same as my other version except that I’ve painted a pigeo
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In the distance we see Rathbone Point on the Nightingale Estate seen from m
This is a different photographic version of this painting. The other one i
  I’ve worked on this picture off and on over a period of years.
This is my latest painting. It is one of a series of pictures I’m wor
This picture is another homage. I very much like certain of the so called &
Here is another homage to the French painter Guillaume Seignac.