Another blurry shot but now the composition is getting close.
Parts of this image are blurry but this is best shot I have at the moment.
The composition of this picture is close to completion with the exception
The composition of this picture is in its final stage.
This picture is getting close, it’s mainly the foreground that needs
I’m still working on this picture.
Another recently completed painting inspired by a misty walk along the towp
In January I began some pictures based on some photographs I took whilst wa
A new picture this is what I would like to be doing or maybe just a brisk w
Please go to no 32 to read about this picture.
This painting is based on a drawing by Paul Rumsey called ‘The Triump
A different version of ‘Mermaid and Fishes’ if you would like t
To find out more about this picture including a sequence of images showing
This is my second version of this design
This man was a talented musician and composer of mixed race background. He
My latest hand painted T Shirt featuring a Saturnine Moth.
This portrait of the Jazz musician was made to be used for the cover of De
This study is inspired by the French academic painter Guillaume Seignac.
Hand painted T shirt on the reverse side is an Absolem Caterpillar and a vi
Hand painted T shirt of the late great I Roy, a DJ from the golden age of r
From left to right Tsunesaburo Makiguchi 1871-1944, Daisaku Ikeda born 1928