From left to right Tsunesaburo Makiguchi 1871-1944, Daisaku Ikeda born 1928
This painting was begun at the same time as Rising Mist and Fantasia and re
A sequence of images showing the development of this painting and the ideas
This complex design will soon be the subject of a series of blogs showing t
Two paintings of the same subject showing how the use of ground colours eff
Hand painted T shirt featuring a Toucan and a pint of Guinness.
Another hand painted T shirt featuring one of my favourite artists.
Hand painted T shirt of the Reggae legend.
Another design featuring a leading Reggae artist. Pete Tosh was a member of
This T shirt was hand painted using fabric paint. It’s the first in a
This is the rear side of my latest green Man T shirt design.
Another version of my Green Man design hand painted using fabric paint.
Based on an iconographic image of Jimi shot in 1967. It was hand painted us
Hand painted using fabric paints and pens. I used an original Egyptian desi
I painted this picture a few years ago and it’s recently been re-phot
This fantastical painting contains a lot of symbolism. It has recently been
  I’ve recently had this painting re-photographed. It was large
Another view of boats on the River Colne just after sunset. I find these pa
Another view of the River Colne seen from the towpath.
Recently I’ve been doing some fabric painting. The technique is very
This painting was commissioned by Miss Cookie Jane a noted hostess who liv
This portrait was painted from like in five sittings. It has an ambiguous q