The west wall of All Saints Church – oil on canvas – 39″ x 29″ – (100 x 75cm) – 2017
The west wall of All Saints Church - oil on canvas - 39

If you like this painting you might like to read the various blogs relating to it. It’s an unusual painting because it has no background and no foreground, there is just the wall painted in some detail. Although the wall occupies the entirety of the picture’s space it appears to be set back creating the disturbing feeling that there is a space in front of the picture.

In this picture the painting technique and the subject go hand in hand. The stylisation creates a psychedelic effect, it seems to need this intensity of detail for the image to work.

This curious section of wall is one side of a three sided tower built in the 13th century. It is partly constructed from flints and stones taken from a monument that already existed on this site.The stones around the window are asymmetrical and the rest of it appears to be arranged at random. When one considers that this is the age of Gothic cathedrals with soaring arches, this building is like folk art, it’s rustic and primitive.

I’m sure there’s a story behind it’s construction. As an example of church architecture it is unique and I’m surprised that the Maldon Tourist Board doesn’t make more out of it.

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