One for Sorrow – oil on canvas – 31.5 x 20″ (80 x 51cm) – 2016
One for Sorrow - oil on canvas - 31.5 x 20

In the distance we see Rathbone Point on the Nightingale Estate seen from my flat in Fluke House. For a long time I didn’t think this subject was worth painting. For one thing the subject is very complicated and confusing and then the painting would have to be done during the winter months because once spring comes the entire view becomes obliterated by foliage.

Along with my other picture of the same view it was my intention to try and do some really intense observational painting using a technique that is very different from the loose painting of the impressionists. Once i starting observing the view very intently I realised how interesting it was. The old plane tree is huge and rambling and somehow mysterious. The space in this picture is large so you may look down and see a cat patrolling the wall and then looking up you might see a squirrel moving rapidly along the branches. In this painting quite a lot of the subject matter is outside the picture plane in order to enhance this effect I initially intended to paint several pigeons flying out of the picture but this didn’t work.  Magpies are a frequent sight around here and when I tried sketching some in it seemed to work.

If you can’t afford to live in Hackney but would like to have a Hackneyesqe view this painting will soon be available as a high quality canvas print.



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