After the Floods remastered – oil on canvas – 30.3″ x 39.5″ – (100 x 78cm)
After the Floods remastered - oil on canvas - 30.3

This is a different photographic version of this painting. The other one is featured in the Fantasy section and there are several blogs about it. This painting has been very difficult to photograph for various reasons perhaps because it’s quite a dark picture. This painting is inspired by Arnold Rocklin’s ‘The isle of the dead’. Is is carefully composed using numerous photographic references of graves and statuary from Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington. Some of the weeping ashes and poplars are found in the cemetery whilst the others trees grow near the River Lea which is where I observed the brent geese, coots and the swan. The abbey is based on the extensive ruins at Golden in southern Ireland.

In the early uncertain light of dawn we see the graveyard flooded with mist rising off the water whilst a lonely swan searches for a mate. This is the kind of painting that dreams are made on.

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