The west wall of All Saints – work in progress
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All Saints work in progress 5

I’ve done quite a lot more to this picture since my last blog. In some of my paintings the technique is as important as they subject. This is such a painting. The main subject appears to be a window set in a wall. When windows are used in most paintings they are used as a means to look out upon a scene. Not so here – the viewer can have a guess at what is within – but he is left looking at a wall.

As I have mentioned before some of my paintings share aspects of what is called ‘outsider art’. This kind of art is often produced outside the mainstream of what is recognized as art and outside of the established art scene. Some outsider artists have been patients in institutions. The greatest of all such artists in my opinion is Richard Dadd who lived in the Victorian era. And if I had the chance to own any painting currently existing in the entire world then the ‘Fairy Fellers Masterstroke’ would jostle with Arnold Bocklin’s ‘Isle of the Dead’ for first choice. However you don’t have to be as disturbed as Dadd was to produce what is now called outsider art.

We are all maladjusted in some way or another and anyone who thinks that they are perfectly sane is definitely one stop short of East Ham. For my part I have a propensity for moodiness and melancholy which began early in my childhood. As I have grown older I have found myself identifying with outsider artists more and more for the following reasons. Outsiders artists often produce very detailed work – I’ve been doing this for years. As outsider artist often develops a particular technique or method of working – I am largely self taught although my oil painting technique is not dissimilar to ways of painting known for centuries. Outsider artist live outside of the contemporary art scene – I am known to a small circle of collectors and have received little recognition from the art scene as it exists in London today…but who cares. Most of the time I’m painting for myself which is exactly what outsider artists like to do.

Coming back to the main subject it’s only recently that I’ve started to realize that the technique, or the act of painting is often as important as the subject that’s being painted. However this doesn’t mean that any old subject will do. Detailed subjects are suited to this method of painting. As the picture progresses the details and the colours start to become mesmerizing creating a psychedelic effect.


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