The car park of B6 College in Hackney
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B6 midresKL

This is my most recent painting it was completed inside of one month which is very quick going for me. The view represented is what I can see from the walkway outside of my front door. I live on the 4th floor of a block of flats that looks towards B6 College in Hackney in London.

What we are seeing here is the back of the college buildings and car park. Ordinarily this scene is not very picturesque. The buildings are functional and rather drab. However at certain times of the day when the light is right they look quite amazing. In my painting there are no trees only the shadows of some trees projected onto the walls of the buildings by the long rays of the setting sun. I have exaggerated the colours to create a mystical effect.

In my paintings I try to use space in different interesting ways. And in this particular painting it wasn’t until the composition was fairly well developed that I realized that the entire picture is below eye level. This something I have never done before. A number of recent pictures have a high eye level especially the views from my flat featured in a recent work in progress blog and the two Maldon pictures, ‘All Saints’ and ‘A Bird’s eye view of Maldon High Street’.

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