Green Man T-Shirt design
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I’ve finally got around to painting this T-Shirt. It’s based on my painting entitled ‘The Green Man’. This picture has been featured in several previous blogs. It originally began as an idea for a T shirt. However before I could paint a T-Shirt I had to design the picture which ended up taking ages.

Because fabric paint cannot be removed once applied it’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re doing before beginning to paint. I’ve used a variety of fabric pens and some fabric paint to create this. I only use 5 colours of fabric paint, yellow, red, blue, black and white. I find that I can mix many shades from this simple palette. I do have a wide variety of pens with different colours. The pens are handy for drawing and I used a pale grey to begin the sketch. Adding the darks with a black pen once I knew where they were going to be. Fabric paint is slow to work as it cannot be diluted.

I chose a moss grey T-Shirt as this shade is a bit like a background colour. Originally I only intended to paint in the head made of oak leaves. However as I began to create the effect I was looking for it became necessary to extend the design and I’ve ended up painting some leaves a butterfly and a nightingale onto the back. Although I will be painting some more T-Shirts I don’t envisage ever painting one as complex as this again. It took ages but I think it looks good.

Green Man T shirt frontGreen Man T shirt back

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