A Room with a View
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I like painting from life but my idea of painting from life ideally involves a very in depth observation of the subject. I like to see how the light changes throughout the day before I decide on the final effect. The two Maldon pictures are good examples of this although they were both finally completed using photographic references back in London.I have often considered painting the view from the back windows of my flat. For a long time I thought this view was too mundane to make a picture from. Also the architectural detail is very complicated. Despite these reservations earlier this year I began work on these two pictures. They are both going to be painted entirely from life. The view consists of a plane tree with some street buildings and the distant tower of Rathbone Point on the Nightingale Estate. The plane tree is quite amazing, it must be at least a hundred years old and it’s about 80’ tall. It seems to have grown wild in a way that wouldn’t happen to the plane trees that line many of our streets. Whilst painting one can’t help being aware of the wild-life, squirrels run up and down the branches of the tree and one sees and hears many kinds of birds, plus the occasional cat on the prowl in the gardens below.

These pictures will have to wait until winter comes before they can be completed. Now that the plane tree has come into leaf everything has turned into a sea of green and the background is largely obscured.

Nightingale 3

Plane Tree 3

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