The Green Man – work in progress – part three
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Recently someone asked me to define what my art was about in a few words. Having thought about it I considered ‘Realist Fantasy’ but not all of my pictures are in the fantasy genre. Although my paintings always have a recognizable subject and they are developed through drawing using various references, I always exaggerate the space, sometimes with details that protrude into the space outside of the picture and I often include more space in a picture than one could see in reality without moving one’s head. I like moody subjects and even if I’m painting directly from life I’m hoping to create the feeling that a special moment is taking place. I like to use vibrant saturated colour whilst maintaining a realistic depth of field. In my paintings I use realistic effects but the result is not at all like the reality it was derived from. So the final effect looks real but is also unreal.

However back to the task in hand, I had hoped to have this picture wrapped up by now but this is still not quite the final version.

The following sequence shows the development of the picture. The first three shots show the further development of the foliage. You can see how I’m going back to the pinkish ground colour before painting in the new arrangement.
GM 8 blog 2GM 11 blogGM
I may have become side-tracked by the idea of adding insects as I looked at numerous images of beetles, snails, spiders, moths, ant etc. Looking at it now the ladybird seems to jar a bit, the red of it’s wings jumps out of the picture too much. This stops the butterflies from floating into the space outside the picture. Sometimes it hurts to have to remove a detail but worse was to come. Having gone to some trouble to work up the Painted Lady butterfly in the lower right hand corner I realized that it would have to go. Somehow it was one butterfly too many and it upset the balance of the picture. Also I thought that the snail should be re-located. So once again I had to paint on some of the ground colour. I use Liquin to do this so it dries quickly.GM 13.blogGM 14.blogGM
The painting is almost finished now and I should be able to get it photographed properly next week. So the next image to appear will be final. Soon it will be available as a canvas print and I’m intending to have it printed onto a T shirt.GM

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