The Green Man – work in progress – part two
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GM 10 blog 2
One can take several approaches when it comes to composing a picture. Sometimes sketches are made and the entire picture is planned out in advance. I rarely work in this way. Most of my paintings are put together on the canvas. I draw with thin brown paint until I have a good idea of the composition. I can always wipe oil paint off and redraw something if I choose. The medium I use stays fresh all day so I can alter and develop the section of the picture I am working on throughout the day. If I decide to repaint a part of the picture that has dried then I need to paint that area back to the ground colour, as you can see in some of images below.

The important thing about working with photographs is the eye level. It’s important to use images that correspond to the eye level in the picture. In this painting the eyes of the Green Man are on eye level.

Now that much of the foliage and most of the various insects have been sketched in I am ready to work it up to the final effect. In this picture it is necessary to create the illusion of three-dimensional reality so that the butterflies and bees appear to be floating in the space outside the picture. This painting inevitably contains a lot of green, I’m hoping to counter this by using the yellow veins of the leaves and adding perhaps some tints of autumn.I’m looking to achieve an effect of luxuriant saturated colour

In my next blog I hope to present the finished picture.
GM 8 blog 2
GM 9 blog 2
GM 10 blog 2

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